A corner stone of RED Technologies is the Maintenance of Fibre optic networks.   We look after every aspect of a network including planned, preventative and emergency support.  One of the challenges faced with managing such a dynamic service is keeping our clients up-to-date with each aspect of their network.  There is a vast amount of information – Who is excavating near the assets, how many utility requests have there been, when are the Notification of Earthworks meetings scheduled, what is the condition of the asset …


In order to solve this information overload issue we developed REDeye.  A web based portal that provides clients with a one stop online location for all things network related. Information is uploaded from site using our proprietary Android application, to give clients real time information on the important things they need to know.  It even provides e-mail notification for emergency issues, enabling users to see the problem and give instant approval to proceed with rectification works.


The software has been given universal approval from all of our clients who are enjoying its benefits while at the same time saving them time and money.