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A corner stone of RED Technologies is the Maintenance of Fibre optic networks.   We look after every aspect of a network including planned, preventative and emergency support.  One of the challenges faced with managing such a dynamic service is keeping our clients up-to-date with each aspect of their network.  There is a vast amount of information – Who is excavating near the assets, how many utility requests have there been, when are the Notification of Earthworks meetings scheduled, what is the condition of the asset …


In order to solve this information overload issue we developed REDeye.  A web based portal that provides clients with a one stop online location for all things network related. Information is uploaded from site using our proprietary Android application, to give clients real time information on the important things they need to know.  It even provides e-mail notification for emergency issues, enabling users to see the problem and give instant approval to proceed with rectification works.


The software has been given universal approval from all of our clients who are enjoying its benefits while at the same time saving them time and money.


RED IT Support has its own website!!


The new website was created to help differentiate the IT services from the RED Telecom Utilities Network sector and assists both existing and new clients to understand the services available within the RED IT Support & Maintenance Group.


If you are looking to outsource your IT support function, RITA takes care of all of your IT needs and gives you the flexibility to scale as you grow.


There are 3 levels of services:


  1. RITA Lite
  2. RITA Essential
  3. RITA Comprehensive


For more information visit

This strategic expansion, effectively giving a RED East and RED West office, has allowed us to provide a faster island wide response for our IT and Remote-hands support services


It has also enabled us to expand our service offering which now also includes:


  1. Data Center Colocation Services
  2. Cloud Data Backup and Restoration Services
  3. Remote Hands & Technical Support

A bit of the side

From time to time during our regular chill outs we get an external speaker in to give a different perspective on their project management experience and to learn how they over came the challenges they have faced.  


It was recently our pleasure to have as our guest someone who managed a different sort of project  – Jane Lee,  the leader of the first Singapore Women Everest Team and only the 37th woman in history to have scaled the Seven Summits, the highest peaks of the seven continents including Mount KilimanjaroDenaliElbrusAconcaguaCarstensz PyramidVinson and Everest (Chomolungma).[4]


Jane focused on the project management side of preparing for and organising the climb and the challenges faced with team dynamics and the continued motivation required to complete such an undertaking – not much different to the challenges we face when building a telecom network or IT infrastructure really.


Candid and heartfelt, what a great inspiration Jane’s talk was, reminding us all that whatever we set our hearts on, with the right planning and a whole heap of determination, we can achieve.

Habitat for Humanity Singapore







In line with our team chill-out activities we were going to organise a Habitat For Humanity Outward Bound trip.  Habitat for Humanity is a fantastic non-profit housing organisation with a mission to eliminate poverty housing worldwide by building simple, decent houses with the help of the homeowner families themselves and volunteers.  Companies can provide a donation as well as time to assist in the building of the houses. However, when we sat down internally and thought about it we asked ourselves “is this the best possible use of our time and skills to assist them?”



The solution we came up with was to offer Habitat our IT services.  By coincidence their office in Singapore was only 50m down the road. A short walk and one meeting later we were on board and are now proud to say that we provide their IT support or RITA as we like to call it – RED IT Assistance. Hence the logo at the end of our e-mail signatures. On a pro-bono basis they get the full support that our corporate clients do – namely Systems (Hardware & Software) Maintenance and Break-Fix support.


Many of our IT and Telecom services customers know that we Project Manage the implementation of IT and Telecoms Infrastructure.  But did you know that we also provide 24/7 Remote Hand support.


Our Remote Tech support is tailored towards organisations who already have a centralised network engineering team, but need someone to be on-site where they lack local staff or require an extended technical support on an adhoc basis. RED Remote TechSupport provides the assistance to perform basic to skilled functions and tasks to equipment and the environment round the clock.  Ideally suited towards international companies who require staff locally to look after a Point of Presence, Data Centre or local office Infrastructure .


Typical RED Remote TechSupport Activities include:


  • Power cycling of IT Equipment
  • Equipment physical observation and Installation
  • Backup Media Tape Change
  • Technical assistance and troubleshooting
  • Providing visual verifications to assist in remote troubleshooting
  • Logistic and Inventorying Tracking and Management
  • Installation, Moving, Adding and Change in and Existing Environment
  • Site Survey and Inspection
  • Procurement of spare and IT components


Three years ago, we were awarded a contract to Project Manage the roll out of an island wide fibre network in Singapore. In the last few months, we have crossed a few significant mile stones with over 370km of duct network in the roads, bridges and footpaths and over 1000km of fibre network installed.


Undertaking such an endeavor is no small feat and involved a multi discipline team including Project Managers, Wayleave engineers to obtain approvals from road authorities and building owners, construction supervisors, fibre technicians and engineers and our AutoCAD drafting department.  Over 130 buildings were accessed or (POPed as we call it), including most of the critical business facilities in Singapore such as data centres and landing stations. We are proud to have been appointed the Managed Service Provider to undertake the ongoing Planned, Preventative and emergency maintenance for the network.



At RED Technologies, we work hard but also like to take time once in a while to get together more informally just to enjoy each other’s company, relax and have a laugh or two.  This can be in our regular barbecue on the roof deck or be a more organized event.  Recently we decided to try our hand at cooking.  We hired none other than an old friend and the winner of the Fair Price Family Cook Off Season 2 – Alec Wing – to run a Corporate Cook Off.


Corporate Cook Off

We were split in two teams of four with a head cook, two assistants and a distracter!! for two cooking competitions –  Our own team signature recipe (decided with much debate in clandestine team meetings over the weeks before) and the Mystery Ingredient Challenge where we have to make a meal on the spot using the 4 basic ingredients that Alec revealed.


It was unquestionably one of the best events we have ever attended.  The photos say it all.

Group picture Group 1

Group 2 Group 3
Group 4 

If any of you are interested in organizing something similar  feel free to email Alec directly –


Until Next time