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RED IT Support Assistance, The Best in Class, Affordable IT Support Solution for Businesses in Asia.

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RED IT Support Assistance gives your business the exact IT Support it needs on demand, 24/7.

At RED, we have more than 15 years of experience in providing IT support services across Asia to SMEs and Corporate branch offices. We are brand neutral and we have access to multiple technologies, together with the expertise to assess the right solution for you. We understand the IT requirements of your business environment in Asia and we can design the exact IT support your business needs.


The ideal solution for the small office, business startup or less business critical user. An economic maintenance and support solution for your IT system, that enables you to focus on your core objectives.

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Tailored to meet the demands of a growing business, branch office or representative office. RITA Essential provides scalable IT support and maintenance services with faster response times.

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For businesses where uptime IT continuity is critical to your operations. RITA Comprehensive provides our most complete preventative maintenance program and our fastest response and resolution service. It’s as though we are part of your internal team.

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Your team supported us very carefully along the whole process. This project is a key migration for our network and your team has assisted us seamlessly for this project.

I appreciated all the effort from the team, for the promptness in response, the availability and professionalism demonstrated throughout the project.

Though there was distance and time difference, it had been seamless and we have worked as a unique team throughout the project.

Why Choose RED IT Support?

We set up your branch office, support and maintain your office IT infrastructure.

Being specialised in IT, we understand your IT corporate requirements.

We can set up your in-house IT support backup team.

RED IT Support helps drive down your IT cost.