A bit of the side

From time to time during our regular chill outs we get an external speaker in to give a different perspective on their project management experience and to learn how they over came the challenges they have faced.  


It was recently our pleasure to have as our guest someone who managed a different sort of project  – Jane Lee,  the leader of the first Singapore Women Everest Team and only the 37th woman in history to have scaled the Seven Summits, the highest peaks of the seven continents including Mount KilimanjaroDenaliElbrusAconcaguaCarstensz PyramidVinson and Everest (Chomolungma).[4]


Jane focused on the project management side of preparing for and organising the climb and the challenges faced with team dynamics and the continued motivation required to complete such an undertaking – not much different to the challenges we face when building a telecom network or IT infrastructure really.


Candid and heartfelt, what a great inspiration Jane’s talk was, reminding us all that whatever we set our hearts on, with the right planning and a whole heap of determination, we can achieve.